YouTube Shorts. Answer to TikTok

YouTube Shorts is a tool that helps you record short videos and add some “gadgets” such as music, changing the recording speed or a timer.

Sounds familiar? TikTok users will notice many similarities.


YouTube Shorts. Nowe narzędzie YouTube


YouTube Shorts. Facts

Short videos can be up to 60 seconds long, but YouTube encourages you to fit in 15 seconds.

Videos are visible on the main page under Short Videos/YouTube Shorts.

You can record a video directly in the app and take advantage of creative features such as adding music (free), changing the video speed, hands-free recording and automatic stopping recording.

Short films. Benefits

You can use a short video as an announcement of the upcoming premiere on your channel

You can add videos that would normally not be included in the channel because it was too short.

The player of short videos is an ideal tool for developing the channel. In addition to the video itself, the channel expose a huge “Subscribe” button. So you can see that the emphasis is on increasing the visibility of the channel.

The feature is available to everyone. There is no required number of subscribers and hours of viewing content on the channel.

Thanks to wide access, channels that are just starting have the same chances as larger players.

The section also includes videos that have been on the website for years and last up to 60 seconds. So it is a new tool for discovering content from years ago.

You can’t get paid for your content (at least not yet). The website does not say that monetization will appear here, but it does not deny it either.

Written by Bartosz Zaborowski, Head of YouTube Operations


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