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Here is a short overview of the most important news from music streaming services. Spotify and Napster are seeing an increase in the number of users, YouTube is testing solutions for short videos, Pandora is losing active online radio users.

Muzyczne serwisy streamingowe. Music streaming services

Napster’s “average monthly active users” increased to 1.2 million

Having completed its acquisition of streaming firm Napster, MelodyVR has published some new stats about its business. Napster ended 2020 with 5.7 million “total platform users” – a metric that includes its consumer service, as well as the other streaming services powered by its B2B platform. That’s up by 126% year-on-year: huzzah! But wait, there’s another figure… Napster’s “average monthly active users” only increased by 15% last year to 1.2 million people: just over 21% of the total user count.

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YouTube Is Experimenting With a ‘TikTok Button’ for Short-Form Videos

India’s ban on TikTok has provided a playground for YouTube, Instagram and other competitors. Now YouTube is experimenting with a create button to allow users to make short-form videos inside its app.

The button appears under select music videos. It allows users to create a 15-second YouTube Short. After tapping the button, the camera opens to allow users to shoot a video with the currently playing music. It also allows users to import pre-recorded video from the gallery.

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Spotify ended 2020 with 345m users including 155m subscribers

The streaming service ended the year with 345 million monthly active users, including 155 million premium subscribers. That was year-on-year growth of 27% and 24% respectively, with ad-supported (free) users up 30% to 199 million.

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Pandora ended 2020 with 58.9m monthly active listeners

Satellite radio firm SiriusXM published its year-end financial results yesterday, including updated figures for its Pandora streaming subsidiary.

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