Spotify announces big changes

At the Spotify Stream On the company announced new features for listeners, improvements for creators, next series of podcasts and expand into new markets.


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Streaming service is now launching a new Spotify HiFi tier as a premium add-on for subscribers.

Spotify has steered clear of the hi-definition audio space, arguing that most listeners are happy with current fidelity rates. Now, the company is shifting course and challenging rivals like Amazon and Tidal head-on for the audiophile crowd. – writes Digital Music News.

The company informs that new feature will arrive in select markets later this year. How much it will cost? No details have been disclosed yet.

New features, new markets

Spotify says it aims to reach over a billion new users by expanding into 80 new markets across Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. Service will also become available in 36 new languages.

“If we want to be a global service and we want to be the number one audio service in the world, we have to be everywhere. This [week’s expansion] allows us to get to more than a billion new potential users. But it also means there will be millions of new creators that will have the opportunity to be heard on.”  – said Daniel Ek in an interview with 

Ek also suggested that Soundtrap, the ‘mobile-first’ music studio will play a key strategic role in these markets – writes

The company also announced improvements for advertisers who will be able to connect with listeners through Spotify Audience Network.

“The honest truth today is radio is still a massive part of how people consume music and audio widely. In the next decade, I’m fairly sure people will move from linear audio to on-demand audio in a big way, using the internet. For us, it’s really about building that platform.” –  said Ek in the interview.

The artists will be offered the Discovery Mode tool. It will allow you to select the songs that the creators want to promote in “Discover Weekly”, “Release Radar”, and in playlists created by algorithms.

Canvas (looped video) will become available for all creators.

The service will offer fans the possibility of live interaction, polls and Q&A functionality.

Other new tools: video support for podcasts, a partnership with WordPress to turn text into podcasts.


The company has also announced new podcasts, including: the series “Renegades: Born in the USA” (talks between Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen), a LEAP podcast based on the ARRAY’s Law Enforcement Accountability Project (launched after the death of George Floyd) and a program created in collaboration with the Russo brothers, directors of “Avengers: Endgame”.


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