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Music Ally (, one of the most interesting music portals has published an article about the Polish music market 2020. Among the portal’s experts were: Marek Włodarczyk (CEO of Independent Digital) and Tony Duckworth (PIAS Poland & Eastern Europe). 

If you want an example of a bulletproof economy, you could do a lot worse than Poland. The only EU member state to avoid recession during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. The same could be said for its music industry, which has experienced years of steady growth as it slowly transitions towards digital. Poles have, on the whole, felt the benefits of these years of economic growth, which has left them with money for luxuries, such as music – writes Musically.


A level of disposable income, combined with a love for collecting physical goods, helps to explain the strength of the physical music market in Poland. Physical music revenue in Poland grew as recently as 2017 and, although it has slipped back recently, it remains a significant percentage of total sales.

If you look at our physical market it’s very strong. If you were to take out digital from the world markets, Poland would be in the top 10 – says Tony Duckworth.

Indeed, 2020 could be a landmark year for Poland. Marek Włodarczyk says that in the first half of 2020 digital revenues were higher than physical for the first time in the history of the Polish market.

According to ZPAV data for the first half of 2020, physical revenues amounted to 66.8 million zl ($17.7m), which is a decrease of 22.8% compared to last year. Digital revenues amounted to 92.5 million zl ($24.5m), which is an increase of 26.3% – adds Independent Digital CEO.

Music Ally also notes that the development of streaming services in Poland has significantly reduced online piracy. The portal also writes about the influence of streaming services on the increasing the popularity of Polish hip-hop.

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