Digital distribution. Educational project

Digital distribution is still insufficiently understandable for the music industry. Independent Digital and its partners have launched a project that aims to raise awareness of digital distribution and increase the competitiveness of European musicians. The project is implemented within the framework of Erasmus+ programme.

Digital distribution. Research and education

It is  a pioneering research and educational project designed to support the entire European music industry – says Yossarian Malewski from Independent Digital. Its main objective is to increase knowledge of digital music distribution and help achieve better promotional and financial results.

Project partners include: The University of Westminster, Association Glukoz, Nagel-Heyer Records, International, Hip Hop Community and Dr. Patryk Gałuszka.

Digital music distribution. Educational project

STAGE I – RESEARCH or how we gain market knowledge

The data sources for the analyses consist of studies carried out in four countries among representatives of five professional groups – creators, artists, producers, managers and employees of record companies. The qualitative research in Warsaw, London, Berlin and Paris will include at least 100 meetings. Anonymous in-depth interviews will be conducted with representatives of all the mentioned groups. The quantitative research stage will provide data from anonymous online surveys.

The  research  results will be included in a report describing the level of knowledge of the European industry about digital music distribution.

STAGE II – CREATION – the way to the goal

The research will  clearly and precisely show defined areas that need improvement. We will create a solid base to enter the theoretical and practical educational phase. A pioneering compendium “The guide to digital music distribution” will be created together with the e-learning platform. All content will be fully adapted to both the level of sophistication and users’ areas of activity.

STAGE III – DISSEMINATION –  sharing the results

We would like to have a real impact on improving competence and increasing the chances of effective operation on the digital distribution market. We will organize and conduct five conferences dedicated to the music market. Two of them will be held in Paris, one in Warsaw, Berlin and London. Educational materials will be promoted in European media and accessible via the project website.

Online research recruitment

Representatives of the music industry might participate in the recruitment process through a form available until 31 December 2020.

Everyone who has sent a recruitment application will be informed about the qualification for the research. Participants will be the first to have access to the textbook and e-learning platform.

Project leader

Independent Digital is a leading independent digital music distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. We work with artists and labels from Poland, United States, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Ukraine and other countries. We have created the largest network of music channels on YouTube (multi-channel network) in Poland. We provide music from independent artists and labels to all the most important streaming and download services in the world.

Official partners

The University of Westminster – Great Britain – specialisation: the British market

Located in the heart of London, a university with a nearly two hundred year tradition, educating about nineteen thousand students. On the behalf of the university, the project is supported by Sally-Anne Gross, who has been associated with the music market as a practitioner and lecturer, teaching courses on management, artists’ development, as well as copyright and intellectual property. Her research activities focus on issues such as mental health of managers and artists and gender equality.

Glukoz Association – France, specialisation: the French market

The main goal of this young organisation, established in 2016, is to promote and spread culture of electronic music. The association deals with booking, music production and the promotion of DJs. The activity of Glucoz covers the whole of France, with the central regions and the Loire Valley as a place to organise concerts and events “Glukoz Open Air”. International – Luxembourg, specialisation: the French market

The company based in Luxembourg was established in 2000, and it mainly deals nowadays with synchronisation of music with visual content such as films, games, websites and TV programmes. The company’s roots are production and publishing activities, which is continued by until today.

Nagel Hayer Records – Germany, specialisation: the German market

German jazz record label based in Hamburg was established on 26 September 1992, on George Gershwin’s birthday, and its mission is to release and promote contemporary and mainstream jazz. It has already gained great recognition thanks to its first production – a live session from the concert with Gershwin’s music which was attended by, among others: George Masso, Randy Sandke, Kenny Devern, or Danny Moss. The label’s launched over 200 jazz releases.

Supporting partners

Hip Hop Community

Agency 360, whose activity is concentrated on promoting all manifestations of hip hop culture. Its watchwords are innovation, creativity and courage. The agency’s offer includes: artistic management, project management, content creation, digital communication and marketing.

Dr hab. Patryk Gałuszka

The highest level of substantive quality of all works on the project is supervised by dr hab. Patryk Gałuszka, the analyst of creative sectors, professor at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Łódź.

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