Live stream. How to start?

During COVID-19 the artists are not allowed to perform live on big stages. While waiting for old normal, you have social networks that allow organizing a live stream.


Before live stream

Live stream is a chance for direct contact with your fans. Get ready for it and treat it like a club concert or festival gig. Of course, you won’t hear fans singing along with you, but you’ll see their reactions in the comments.

Do some tests before the stream and treat them as regular rehearsals before the concert. Maybe video from these rehearsals can be a good teaser of the online gig?

Note: be prepared for technical problems and prepare jokes and comments that will help you control the situation.

Inform your fans about the concert via all your social media profiles and encourage them to share this information.

Get ready for an encore!

Which platform to choose?

Choosing a platform should be preceded by an analysis of fan engagement in your social media.

In this article we decided to focus on the most popular social networks.

Instagram Live

This smartphone application introduced live performances in “Stories”.

Live on Instagram can lasts only 60 minutes so your concert requires perfect planning. If everything goes smoothly and you don’t have technical problems, you can use the extra time for an encore song or chat with your fans.

Users who did not turn off notifications will be informed about the start of your live stream. You are able to share the video after the live performance.

YouTube Premieres

This tool allows you to upload the video earlier (as typical videos on YT), but at the same time gives you the option of displaying it “live” with the option of comments.

Create your title, tags, and description as you always do with a traditional video. Remember about keywords!

YT Premieres notifies fans when the broadcast starts. Once the stream is over, it will be available in your channel like other videos. This is a huge benefit for fans who want to return to the show after a long time.

The unquestionable advantage of YouTube Premieres over Facebook and Instagram is the possibility of monetizing online performances.

Facebook Live

As with YT Premieres, fans are notified of an upcoming live stream, and they can comment live and add their reactions. Online performance will be also available on your profile after the stream is over.

Remember to analyze effects after each live stream.


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