YouTube Premieres. Promote your music

YouTube Premieres is a combination of traditional YouTube videos and online streaming. It allows you to pre-record your video (like other YT videos) and play the video with a live chat. It is similar to a television show – prepared in advance, but with set air time.

YouTube Premieres is a free tool that allows you to monetize streams.

It is a great way to promote your music videos by watching them with your fans.
YouTube Premieres is a combination of traditional YouTube videos and online streaming.

Countdown to premiere

Before your video goes live, a co-watch page is created. It shows a title, a description and a thumbnail. The premiere video will be posted in the same link.

Note: Inform your fans about the upcoming premiere via website, newsletter and social media networks.

Fans receive notifications about the upcoming premiere from the co-watched page and can start commenting and chatting before “zero hour”. Let your fans know if you are going to join the chat at the time of the premiere.

Your YouTube subscribers who agree to receive notifications will be informed about the upcoming release 30 minutes before your premiere. Another notification is sent when the premiere begins.

Note: Videos can only be uploaded via a computer or a laptop.

Users can watch the premiere on all devices – smartphones, tablets, computer screens or smart TV.

Go live

A countdown is visible only for the first two minutes of the premiere.  During the premiere fans can still comment and the current stream audience is displayed in real-time.

Create your title, tags and description as you always do with a traditional video. Remember about keywords! After the premiere your video will be archived on your channel (like other videos). Therefore, it is important to optimize it in the same way.

The countdown that preceded the premiere will not be visible in the video archived on your channel. The premiere chat will be available to fans who wish to return to it. You can turn it off at any time.

Is YouTube Premieres a difficult tool to implement? Not at all.
You can find a short manual in the link:


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