Spotify for Artists, managers and labels

The Swedish streaming service provides labels and distributors with the free Spotify for Artists tool. Now they can, together with artists and their collaborators, manage the profiles, analyze data and pitch to playlists.


It’s been three years since we first launched Spotify for Artists. We’ve seen artists and their teams come together to share great music with the world, pitch to playlists, use data to make decisions about release strategies and tour schedules. We also launched Spotify Analytics which has become the place for labels and distributors to access data and pitch songs to playlists as they support their artists. – Write Spotify on its website.

Spotify concluded that bringing together artists, their management, labels and distributors in one place with equal access to data and marketing opportunities would be most effective and beneficial. That place is Spotify for Artists.

We expect that this change will contribute to more effective cooperation between teams and between artists and labels – Spotify emphasizes.


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