About us


To enable access to the work at any time and anywhere in the world.

We are Poland’s largest independent distributor of content in digital formats. Thanks to our many years of experience and quality of services, we work with more than 400 labels, publishers and artists from Poland and all over the world. We operate on a 360˚ model which means that in addition to technical distribution support, we guarantee additional services related to the optimization and promotion, taken daily care by our team of 30 specialists a. By means of direct agreements with global and local sites, we have a real impact on better exhibition of content and can reach a wider audience in Poland and around the world. We are the first certified partner of YouTube in Poland. We possess the largest multi-channel music network. We also operate non-musical networks. As a result, we can offer interesting promotional solutions, combining musicians and YouTube authors.

Areas of our business


We are engaged in the distribution and promotion of music in the global and local services.


We distribute video content on VOD sites and on YouTube.

YouTube Authors

We comprehensively manage and effectively promote our YouTubers’ channels.


We combine brands with artists through the creation of creative concepts of advertising and sales campaigns.

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