• Dudek P56 "Proges 2"

    Dudek P56 "Proges 2"

  • Tede & Sir Mich "Skrrrt"

    Tede & Sir Mich "Skrrrt"

  • O.S.T.R "MTV Unplugged: Autentycznie"

    O.S.T.R "MTV Unplugged: Autentycznie"

  • KęKę/Hase  "Basement Disco"

    KęKę/Hase "Basement Disco"

  • HIFI "Ludzie"

    HIFI "Ludzie"

  • Adi Nowak  "VR"

    Adi Nowak "VR"

  • Steve Nash Turntable Orchestra  "Out of Fade"

    Steve Nash Turntable Orchestra "Out of Fade"


We represent a catalog of over 400 independent music labels from Poland, Italy, Germany and Ukraine. We deliver the content of our partners to global and local music services and mobile operators’ platforms. You want your music to be available worldwide? Contact us – we will help you reach a wide audience and increase the number of fans and profits from the work.


We are the first-to-become certified partner of YouTube in Poland and the largest multi-channel music network in Poland within which we manage over 400 music and thematic channels. The video content of our partners is not only available on YouTube but also in other services, eg. Tidal.


Track your stats anywhere, anytime


We are the only company in Poland with its own statistical and reporting tool, which allows you to check online, at any time and place, the settlements of all the services. The reporting part can archive data and generate reports for the selected period, whereas the statistical part is used for forecasting sales in the services. As a result, our partners can, in a fast and convenient way, check when and on what websites their contents were the most popular.

Reporting application


We are in direct contact with those responsible for the presentation of music in leading global and local music sites. We ensure effective promotion and exposure of our partners’ content, so the music gets to a wide audience. We work based on the 3600 model, which means that our promotional activities are not limited to music platforms, but they also reach the media coverage niche. Our partners can be offered additional marketing tools, among others, a singles’ service dedicated to music journalists or creation of unique smart links comprising all the available services under one link.


We combine brands with artists through the creation of creative advertising and sales campaigns, using, among others, product placement, cross-promotions and image-building activities.


Under the brand name of Right Publishing, do we conduct activities involving the selection of songs and recordings for movie, television and advertising productions. We get the music to places where decisions are made about its use. We have realized musical projects for the following brands: KFC, Samsung, Mercedes and Electrolux with worldwide rights.
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