Our YouTube network has been trusted by more than 400 channels with more than 60,000 video content that record nearly 170 million views per month.

We are the first certified partner of YouTube in Poland. Our team consists of social media ninjas and YouTube experts who annually reaffirm their competence by an exam and certificate.

Our YouTube network has been trusted by more than 400 channels with more than 60,000 videos that record nearly 170 million views per month.
If you need professional help of experts to further develop your channel, feel free to contact us!


Access to one of the largest music databases

Optimization of channels by certified employees

Tickets / accreditations for the YouTube events

No-risk contract

The possibility of connecting to the network in just a couple of minutes

Graphical support


We provide comprehensive channel services and help achieve our customers’ business and revenue objectives. Every customer has their dedicated administrator, certified by YouTube. We help to quickly and effectively solve technical and legal issues. We create and develop channels, as evidenced by the steady increase in the number of views and active subscribers.


As our specialists take care of optimizing your channel content, the channel is better positioned in YouTube and Google search results. We use Content ID tools to ensure the effective monetization of content and copyright protection. We cooperate with the only Certified YT legal counsel in Poland.


We develop creative advertising campaigns and arrange cross promotional activities within own network and that of our partners. We support partners in creating the desired image. We are in charge of contacts with the mass media, conduct activity in social media and the mass media that are engaged in building coverage. We are present with our YouTubers during the most important events in the YouTube world.


We can effectively combine the world of brands with the YouTubers’ world through tools such as branding, image-building campaigns and/or product placement. We carry out unconventional special projects as well as marketing and branding campaigns.


Our YouTubers can count on the support of our specialists with the editing and scoring of video materials. They also receive free access to a library of 30,000 songs.

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If you need a professional help to develop your channel, contact us!

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